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About Claire


Hello. My name is Claire Matuka (you can just call me Claire). Yes, I am one of those people who don’t actually have a nickname. I am a statistician, data scientist and AI enthusiast currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. I like to describe myself as a knowledge seeker but most people simply refer to me as a geek. I suggest we go for “knowledge seeker”, sounds more fancy honestly. 


A big welcome to my website where you get to take a deep dive into my AI and data science world. The blog is specially dedicated to AI, Data Science and Productivity content. This content serves as a way to share knowledge with others as well as act as documentation for myself. I have also clearly outlined my skills and capabilities and if you would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via email at



My love for mathematics led me to pursue a degree in Statistics. It was here that I discovered data analytics and data science. In all honesty, I did not know this was the official term at the time and it was all simply statistics to me. I got to learn about programming, statistical softwares, math, a lot of math, and more math. Living the dream, if I say so myself. In my third year, I took a short IBM Data Science course that was happening on campus. This was the beginning of everything. I then started freelancing as a data analyst with skills in R, SPSS, SAS and Stata. 

I landed a job, not too long after graduating, as a data science intern. This soon progressed to me being a data scientist and eventually I was the Head and Cofounder of an AI startup. I have acquired hands-on experience in the implementation of various AI and Data Science techniques to benefit businesses and clients across the world. I look forward to having AI spearhead a technological revolution in nearly every industrial sector. I am also very passionate about mentoring young women on the power of technology and having them play an active role in the development of AI systems.

The not so boring me


When I am not being a career woman, I enjoy playing the piano, dancing, working out, playing tennis, trying to learn new languages, meditating on God’s word and spending time with my family and Bella (my oh so cute dog). I am a sucker for rom-coms and historical or biographical dramas. I also have a witty sense of humor and often laugh at my own jokes (sad to say, but I am always the only one laughing). I enjoy traveling and look forward to visiting numerous countries across the world and experiencing diverse cultures. 

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